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Oh yes let's just keep circling around to the juice... Because I know every one on this thread is miss perfect angel pants and has never done something spiteful. Ugh... Get over it!

OP- I guess this issue varies by state and store unfortunately. Here you can ONLY buy store brand milk and eggs which really bugs me because I prefer to buy our local brands. But not store brand cheese? Makes no sense to me but the stores put their own rules on things above the WIC rules. Safeway used to do BOGO on eggs and things WIC approved and had to allow the promotions with their card. Well then they changed it so none of those foods are BOGO but rather buy 3 get 1 free, or 2/$X so that WIC users can't participate. Kinda lame. Even at Target they only allow specific items to go through, like the bread can ONLY be Sara Lee even though Home Pride now has a 16oz 100% WW loaf too for less. Stupid! Also, I had to get 30 things of baby food and even though the book says you can buy multipacks as long as the qty is correct, Target won't allow it. So instead of buying 5 of the 6 packs I had to literally buy 30 of the same thing individually? So silly!
I'm sorry you were treated that way and no it may not make a difference but you have the right to complain and who knows... It might help!
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