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Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman
If you are talking about the scar overhang, I wasn't successful after my 2nd, but I was working on it (and it got fairly small where it almost looked like just skin). I didn't feel like I could do ab workouts for forever. Some movements I literally couldn't get my abs to even try and some felt like I was going to hurt/rip myself. I slowly worked myself up and a little after a year PP I could do most of the exercises I was used to doing pre-baby. I still had a small overhang and saggy skin, but I was hopeful that once I burned off a little more fat my skin would pull back in and so would the overhang. Just didn't get there before another pregnancy. Most stuff I read said surgery is the only thing that fixes it, but I won't believe that until I've done everything I can. My only concern is my right side has thick scar tissue underneath along my incision. I'm afraid ill get my tummy tight, then have a nearly penis-sized horizontal bump on one side, lol. I wonder if that can be removed if I have another csection.
They can remove scar tissue if you do have another c section. My first was closed with staples and my right side had a thick line of scar tissue. My second c section was done by another doctor in the practice and she removed a lot of scar tissue and used dissolving stitches and it is barely noticeable now.
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