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Originally Posted by amyltc
So question for those that work and have had a loss, did your work give you bereavement for your loss? I'm debating on whether to contact my hr person as I ended up leaving today and I don't know if ill make it to work tomorrow ( I feel really crappy). I just don't want to use up all my sick leave because dh doesn't have much and I worry if my kids get sick.
I got three days (loss of a child), BUT I work in a Catholic school and life begins at Conception. I don't think it's an official policy, it was just something nice my boss did for me. I tend to think it would look kinda shady if they DIDNT, considering their stance and all on the subject.

Maybe you could ask? Ask a woman, if possible- men don't get it at all.

Soryr fro typos. Setn by iPhone.
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