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Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post

My family is close but still visits. Just last night my mom called, asked what we were doing since she was in town and came over with supper. I was greatful.

Everyone has a standing invite to come down and visit if they wind up with a free weekend.
Two main differences.

1) You're family has a known and understood open door policy. This is not the case for all families. Everyone is different.

2) You're mom called to ask what you were doing before she came over. She didn't call and say I am coming over, if that messes up your plans change them, and I'm bringing a friend.

We all love our family. We all appreciate help. But inviting yourself and other people to spend a week in my house when I don't have transportation fir everyone and refusing to get your own is not what Id call "helpful". Sometimes the burden of company is just that, a burden.
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