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Re: July 2013 Weekly Chat: Dec. 3-Dec. 9

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post

Today is also my 9th anniversary. I posted photos on my blog that I hadn't posted before about our wedding weather. I had to scan the photos in and I think they are fairly cool. We can't do much today (on pelvic restrictions so no nooky... not to mention I just want to sleep).

So having said all that my only goal today is to not be too mad at DS for not letting me sleep and to get through the day. Tomorrow I have another beta check so that should be fun!
Happy Anniversary!

Originally Posted by snugglesnsunshine View Post
My 9 mo is still waking 2-5 times a night. Always wants to nurse. I usually let her but sometimes she wakes up 30 minutes after she went back to bed so I get her and sway her back and forth for a few min. and put her back to bed. Not to mention 3yodd keeps getting in bed with me (usually with her feet in my back or on my head). The prog. and preg hormones have me so tired and it's taking its toll (getting up so often).

BUT, every night in the wee hours, I remind myself how many women would cut off their own limb to be in my shoes. And then, I'm just thankful. Thankful an infant is waking me every 2-3 hours, thankful I get another blessing, thankful for all the arms around my neck day after day.

Praying for those of us who are waiting a few more days to see a heartbeat(s)!!!

everybody have a great day!!!
The idea of swaying back and forth at night makes me queasy! I'm impressed. My second was 6-7 months at this stage when I was pg with my third. I remember nursing being really hard.

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
Can I join in to? I'm around 8 weeks I think and have been struggling with migraines and nausea (including vomiting) lately. Tired of dry heaving! Tired of this headache! This will be #5 for us and my 5th C/S. Thankful for another pregnancy !

Today we did some school for my 1st grader (we homeschool), then the kids played outside for a while (we live on 5 acres and then surrounded even further by family land).

Did some laundry. Our hot water heater broke the other day so we are without hot water now. DH is going to look at one he'll hopefully buy today. DH is finishing us his RN degree this week! He will graduate next Friday, is looking for a job, and will begin his MSN in January .

That's about it for me!
Welcome and hang in there! I do hope your DH can get that water heater fixed ASAP and congratulations to him.

AFM, today was much better. I'm just now getting the nausea so hopefully I can just settle down and sleep it off. I have the kind where I don't actually hurl, I just wish I could. I've only actually vomited 3x with all 8 of my pregnancies. I can even remember the triggers for each time.
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