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Purging Mode! Whoo, I am loving this!

I'll probably never be a true minimalist with bareness everywhere, but I'm so stoked that I've been in purge mode. I grew up around holding onto EVERYTHING, well, almost everything. So, over the last 5 years, we've moved numerous times, and while we already don't own much, we did own a lot of junk. Anything from trinkets I thought were "keepsakes" to drawings I did as a child, and so on. I had already purged a decent amount, but realized I was still holding onto too much.

So far this week, I bagged up a frying pan, a cooker for the stove, wine glasses, kids cups, 3 pairs of jeans, candles I don't like the smell of, mugs, craft supplies I realized I'll never use, a few toys, a few kids clothing items, etc. I have now parted with 3 trash bags full, a large box full, a large basket full (plus donated the basket), a mirror, shoes, etc.

Today I purged more "keepsakes" and was able to fit the few I really wanted to hold onto, into another box. Which in turn, freed an entire plastic bin, which is now full of clothing items and toys of worth to take to Once Upon a Child!! Whatever they don't take, will be donated.

I do have some items I want to sell, considering they are of worth.

I know I still have more to go through, but I seriously feel so good. I can't believe I've been holding onto all this crap. Just while writing this, I have already thought of some more items to be donated that I'll bag up this evening! While I don't post much here in the minimalist forum, I do enjoy reading and getting inspiration!!
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