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Re: S/O How many toys do you think is just enough? How many is too few?

My 3 probably do have too many toys, but all of them share a room. If they didn't share a room, they would have nearly nothing in their rooms!

I can't list every single toy they have, but I can name most of them.

-Fabric box of wooden toys (Clock, stacking rings, alligator, drum, xylophone)
-Wooden kitchen, cloth foods, wooden tea set, wooden foods
-Large Wooden Unit Blocks
-Weebles treehouse
-Dress up clothes
-Small firetruck
-Imaginext toys
-Plastic bin of wooden tracks
-Plastic bin of Trio sets
-Kid Knex
-Quite a few puzzles/games
-2 Baby Dolls (with cradle my Dad built for me as a child)

There are a few other items, but can't think of them now, but this about sums it up. I am going to part with a few other things that we just don't need, but haven't had a chance to sneak them out of their room yet! I do plan to purge more of the puzzles, keep the quality ones, and limit how many overall we should have.
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