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Originally Posted by c&w's mama
kite doesn't work for me... I do like origami, but DS just outgrew my origami skills with the only flats I have- tiny tush, not faves (haven't even opened the swaddlebees yet).

there's a ds mama fold I saw on youtube that I'm trying out now. But I only use flats when I feel like playing or I DO pad fold one sometimes INSIDE a prefold that's snappied as part of our night time get-up (I use all my smaller prefolds as various doublers). But straight pad fold in a cover still gets poo everywhere (so much shifting), well past EBF stage. Now I'm not sure where I read it, but I think there's a really recent thread on flat folding-- I need to look it up.
Yes, I think origami is way too short in the rise now, and all the other folds seem too confusing pad folding is pretty much the easiest thing for me but I don't like how it bunches when ds pees .
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