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Originally Posted by sunnygirlmomof6
I had a checkup with my MW today and all is well. I went ahead and schedueled a 4d ultrasound for my birthday! The girls have been wanting to see an ultrasound, but after what happened with Samuel, (my dh was not with me), I want him and only him with me when I get a diagnostic US done. I will have an US at my next appt when I am 26 weeks, to check on the choroid plexus cyst on her brain, and DH will be with me then and we will know a little more of what to expect, hopefully. Then, when I am 30 weeks, and on my birthday, I will take my 2 girls with me and we will have a girls day out and go out to eat in Tennessee and then get the 4d. They are so excited!
Totally makes sense. What a fun birthday treat!

Afm: I am a terrible baker. I dont even know why I try anymore. I wanted to make Joey's music teacher a pound cake for our last class. It said to bake for 50 min or until the tooth pic is clean. At an hour in a half the tooth pic was finally (mostly clean) but the edges were burn-y. Next time I think I will stop at a bakery. Sheesh!
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