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Originally Posted by crunchymom2b
Becca- at our hospital they're called cuddlers :-)

I wish we could have been with our son more, but we were extremely lucky to have some great nurses. I never walked in to him crying alone in his bassinet, and during one particularly bad night the nurses took nurses holding him for 5 hours straight. He typically would only be awake for feedings so if he wasn't awake we'dlet him be, as sleep and cuddles were most important. He was also lucky to have a space on the end of the row so he could have lotsof privacy with the screens put up.

Our first son also went through withdrawals but didn't have to be hospitalized or medicatedand he's now the smartest kid ever, and such a sweetheart.DS2 is a cuddlemuffin and just is sooooo happy. These kids are true blessings and while I hate that any of these children (not just mine!) had to endure such pain I am so happy they're here!
Cuddlers, that's an appropriate job description. :-)

Is there anywhere that I could read more about caring for drug effected/exposed babies? My husband is leary of foster care in general (sad), and of course we couldn't do it unless we were both fully committed. But in the meantime, I'd really like to learn whatever I can.
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