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Re: Just not sure what my mom should do...

As a parent I would not expect her to sacrifice her job although I would certainly appreciate knowing. Personally, I would request a transfer if she can to another school in the district. It sounds like she is in a hostile work place. There are plenty of terrible therapists out there and unfortunately it sounds like they are in that school.

A good therapist adapts their approach and changes to suit the client. I truly believe therapy is part book learning, part experience, part adaptability and willingness to keep learning and part love of your client. I have yet to meet a good pediatric therapist that doesn't get attached to her/his pediatric client to some degree. Children can sense genuine affection and respond to it. I see this pattern over and over with my own son and his therapists. Until DS and therapist bond the progress in therapy is sporadic at best.


I should say in the school district I am in aides are just that helpers. They aren't allowed to communicate anything significant to the parents. I don't know what the penalty would be but I suspect a minimum would be disciplinary action and at worst they would be fired. If she pursues direct communication she needs to prepare herself for the consequences. The only way I could think to get around this is to speak with the parent and encourage them to get to know their child's school routine a little better by talking to the teacher and therapists.

She may want to transfer districts while the getting is good. Some districts allow the aides more responsibility. They have to go through a bit more training but they do get more responsibility.

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