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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
I would say that they are most definitely not the same. My daughter's poop on Enfamil was very different from her poop on other formulas - she digested them very differently, they smelled differently, the texture was very different.

that being said, I don't see a problem in you using both. If possible, try to use 2 canisters in a row of the same thing (or more) so that it's less stress on their digestive systems, so I'd start collecting the brands from the coupons.

but it's more an issue if you're going back and forth all day long. But over the course of a canister, I imagine you'll be fine.
The ingredients of enfamil premium and similac with iron are almost exactly the same. The main ingredients are exactly the same, the less than 2% ingredients are only slightly different. The amount of nutrition is the same as well, i.e. the vitamins and minerals are all within a few points of each other, they have to be since they are FDA regulated.

Obviously there is a difference between enfamil premium and say similac soy....

Again, if the child has no allergies/tummy problems then switching between the same type of formulas is not an issue. I wouldn't switch between soy one week and regular another.
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