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Re: Christmas with a special needs child - write your own blurb/advice/experience her

I like the responses. We usually set up a little play area away from the crowds when with family so he can retreat and not get over stimmed. The one time we weren't able to do that it resulted in a total meltdown.

Lesson #106 or whatever number we are on now.

Invariably someone will ask me what my son is getting for Christmas directly in front of him or worse what Santa is getting him for Christmas. His understanding of the spoken language is perfect, he just can't speak. He still believes in Santa and I certainly don't want to ruin the magic of Christmas by ruining all his surprises so this puts me in a bad situation. Never assume a non-verbal child doesn't understand what is being said. If you wouldn't want a certain question to be asked in front of your child then don't ask it in front of mine. Thankfully there is a local group that gets it and helps keep the magic of Santa alive for the local special needs kids. This is the event my son went to today.
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