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Re: Aug '11 - December Chat

Hey gang!

Life in China is well, life in China. Nothing like taking a trip to the bank past the four guards in full body kevlar with automatic weapons (okay so I was the money truck men) daunting nonetheless.

DD is adjusted well to life here. She loves school and all her friends. Little Miss is thriving! She is constantly the center of attention and has even done some baby modeling. She enjoys afternoons with Ayi.

I've started working at an art studio teaching the children's classes. I've also been taking foundations classes to improve my skills. I had forgotten how much fun art can be!

Hubs and Little Miss head back states side today, DD and I go next week due to school schedule.

Hug to those who need them! I was reading thru and saw the posts on expenses. I was nearly ill at the grocery this morning buying snack for the plane ride for Hubs and Little Miss today. $50 USD for 6 oz of goldfish, 6oz of teething biscuits, 4 granola bars, 2 baby food squeeze fruit pouches, 10oz of pretzels, 6 small boxes of milk and a travel pack of wipes. These are things we only buy for traveling. I usually shop at the local wet market but they frown on you traveling with fruit. Dear god do I miss coupons and sales! I feel like I could have bought that list for $15 on the US. I might have a stroke being able to go to one store and get everything for a meal instead of four.

Hubs and I were also talking yesterday about how strange it will be to drive. Neither of us has driven a car since we left in August. I also haven't seen a stop sign or a cemetery.... wonder where the dead people go here...

I think when I am home in December I'm going to sell off my CD stash. Its been sitting in storage and isn't coming back here. It is just not practical here. My washer takes two hours to wash and everything hang dries, with the high levels of humidity I don't know that CD would ever dry... Not to mention that its super small and holds about ten items per wash cycle. Right so if anyone is ISO let me know I'll give my DD girls a good deal I don't remember what all I have but I have just about one of everything.

Hope everyone is well!
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