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Re: Best seat placement for RF & FF in 2012 Odyssey

We are actually contemplating an Odyssey purchase this week so I've already thought about this. We will put the FF Marathon in the center 2nd row, the RF Roundabout 50 Classic (same size as Marathon) outboard passenger side 2nd row, and have access to the 3rd row through the driver's side.

Here is a review I found VERY helpful. The Marathon will NOT work RF in the center seat, but will work FF, and you can still access the 3rd row.

ETA: Also, the RF child is automatically safer than the FF child, so the FF child should be in the safest possible position. If you are trying to decide which child to put in the center (aside whether the car seat fits there or not...according to that blog it wouldn't work anyhow) I would recommend choosing the FF to sit in the center.
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