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Re: another toy question

Hmmm. Have you purged that closet more? I think you could do a lot with that. Where are the 3 buckets of clothes each? The trofast? Ill bet you could purge that enough to fit all the clothes in the closet and then limit all of your toys to the trofast and get rid of the top shelf buckets altogether.

And if you purge enough of their toys, you could store the playfood with the kitchen and maybe the furniture and dolls in their dollhouse, then you could go down to just the steps and move the taller trofast into the closet for underwear and socks.... or somewhere else in your home where its needed. Can you help them pick out clothes the night before and lay them out so they can dress themselves in the morning without needing the lower railing? You could lay each outfit on one step of the trofast (youngest in the shortest, etc.) If that wont work, i still think you could fit the other items on the shelves in there and just move or sell the extra trofast. That would open it a lot more.

Whats in the three drawer rubbermaid thing? Is it still in there?

Eta: Another idea...since you wouldnt need the clear tubs that are currently on the perimeter shelving, if they fit on the closet shelves, you could use a few of those to organize clothes better

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