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Re: new gmd organic workhorse diapers are in

Okay, I went with brown edge for my baby (almost 20lbs) and I'm so glad I did! I can't imagine him fitting in the red edge now that I've seen him in the brown. He's got a big tush and I have to make sure his cheeks are evenly in the diaper in the back. He can even wear the green edge with the rise folded down. Here's a couple pics to add to the thread:

Brown edge (nice hair Buddy!)

Green edge

I need to look at the rest of my green edge stash, but they seem narrower through the crotch than the brown edge. I don't know if it is cut like that on purpose for a walking toddler or if that particular diaper just shrunk a little more. I do like that the soaker flap of the green edge goes up higher for more baby boy coverage and I don't mind folding the rise down either, that gives him even more cotton up front where he needs it. I'm actually thinking about getting more greens for him. These are super soft and I am very happy with them. I've missed the simplicity of cotton prefolds and these help me get the fit I was never able to obtain with a regular prefold or flat. Good job GMD!
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