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Re: Contractions in the evening at 18wks?

I get contractions (not braxton hicks but real contractions as they can be painful) that don't seem to change my cervix. They believe I have what they call an irritable uterus. I got them starting at 20 weeks with DD, 12 weeks with DS, and 9 weeks this pregnancy. Anyways my midwife has given me lots of things to do to try to lessen them just so they stay under control.
1. Lots of water and fluids
2. Calcium/Magnesuim Pills (high quality)
3. Try a bath when they start up
4. Small glass of wine
5. Try not to lift your LOs (as hard as this is)
6. Don't over do it
7. Most importantly listen to your body

Oh and as far as raspberry leaf tea, if you are having contractions it's better not to drink this tea as it tones your uterus. Best to drink it towards the end of pregnancy instead.
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