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Re: S/O How many toys do you think is just enough? How many is too few?

I know DD has too many and this is after purging. I just don't know what else I can get rid of. I feel like as soon as I get rid of something she asks for it. She is VERY sentimental and remembers everything and I don't want to break her poor little soul. I think I am already giving her a complex or something because if she sees something out of place she begs me not to "sell" it...she thinks anything not where it should be is something I am giving away or selling

Strider bike
2 tricycles (one is leaving soon)
a baby ride on toy that just hasn't made its way out of here
3 board games
tons of books
play kitchen with every accessory known to man
fisher price doll house with every room of furniture
play clothes and accesories
doll high chair
doll "travel system"
ironing board and iron
crap ton of stuffed animals
one of those shelves with bins full of random toys

She is getting for Christmas....
a bike
lala loopsy
jake and the neverland pirate ship and accessories
stompeez (2 pairs..don't ask)
harmonica (2..don't ask)
movies galore

Yeah..I am doing really bad. I know there is more in her closet that I can't even think about. But really there is plenty of room in her bedroom/closet for all this stuff so I am not THAT concerned about it. I do plan to do some more organization in her room and make her bookshelf more accessible to her. She honestly never plays with anything...don't know why we even have it all *sigh*
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