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Re: Keep the clothes or give for consignment?

I think you should hang onto them incase #2 is a girl or you plan on having a lot more babies and have the storage room. I kept my first son's clothes because I knew we would have more kids and it seemed like being born in different seasons didn't matter as much as I thought... they were all different sizes than the other one was at their age and so a lot of clothes actually fit. Then I layered clothes if it was short sleeved onesies, etc. It saved us money.

3 bins is a lot to store though (crazy lady!) so maybe pick clothes to put in 1-2 bins. (definitely keep sentimental articles of clothing)? Either consign the rest or give to a crisis pregnancy center? I was able to use all of #1's clothes for #2 (even though one baby was summer and the other fall), then had to buy some stuff for #3 because the clothes were pretty worn and stained after 2 children. The 4th was a girl and might be the last so I did pass on a lot of my baby boy clothes to a friend who's expecting. I gave them away though, never lend clothes. I keep sentimental clothes in 1 bin for all 4 kids still.

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