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Re: How do you kbow that you are done?

SO ladies who felt done after having your last baby... did that feeling come when your youngest was a toddler or was it more so when you were pregnant with them or they were babies????????????,

OP, my mom said you'll just feel done. I'm still waivering too (we have 4 as well). I am super content with 4, the oldest is 5 and the youngest is 1 and life is calming down a bit. It's sooo nice. We've never prevented getting pregnant, but are now and deciding whether to have another baby seems like a HUGE decision, but with the other 4 kids it was like a "no duh" decision... not even a decision, but an "of course" thing. It's so weird that it's not like that again and I wonder if that is like a sign or something. I don't know! Part of me would like to wait until the baby is like 2-1/2 years old to decide because I'm worried all the sudden I'll want another baby and that will overpower my fear of yet another c-section. Like another poster said, my hands and heart feel full with 4 and I think I'd feel fine if for some reason we couldn't get pregnant again; but I just get so worried that if we did something permanent when baby girl turns 2-1/2, I'd have this desparation for a 5th. Maybe I could talk dh into condoms for another year and a few months, but that's pushing it! ANyway, I feel for you!

I'm curious if others have waited that long (a few years after the youngest is born) and then knew they were done. Anyone?
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