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Re: How do you kbow that you are done?

The choice was made up for me. I refuse to have any elective csections and I had a failed VBAC. I also am sick as a dog, can't get out of bed, should probably go to the hospital kind of sick for 4-5 months. That's no fun and I have absolutely NO DESIRE EVER EVER EVER EVER to be pregnant again. So, we are done. Breaks my heart and tears me to pieces. Part of me just feels like there is a reason I failed and didn't have a VBAC - if I could have my children vaginally, I probably would have more biological. But now that I can't, my husband is getting a vasectomy and *I* want to foster/adopt. Best of both worlds.. hopefully get a baby/young child and not have to go through a terrible pregnancy!

My husband wanted to be one and done. Then we had our second. He's been an absolute joy!! DH is sad that we are done too, but he respects how hard pregnancy and csections are on me. He's still not sold on foster/adopt though. So we might only ever have 2 children, or maybe someday he'll be open to adopting.
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