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Re: I hate...I love...

Warning: My hate list is going to be way longer than my love list. I am so not following the "embrace your last pregnancy" mantra I hear so many people say. :/ This has been my hardest pregnancy yet, physically & emotionally, and I am so ready for March!

Hate: -Sciatica.
-Round Ligament Pain.
- The random burning pains I get around my ovaries.
- Getting out of bed in the morning and having so much pain in my back & hips it takes forever for me to be able to put all my weight on my hips & walk to the bathroom.
- Having to pee every 2 minutes.
- Gaining weight.
- Being short of breath to the point I sound & feel like a 600lb asthmatic after vacuuming the floor.
- Not being able to see my "downtown charlie brown" area so I can groom myself half way decently.
- The constant, nasty "wet" feeling in that area.
- Water retention which results in what I call "fatty fatty red face."
- Crappy skin changes.
- My big, sore boobs. I really came to enjoy my small boobs after I lost all my weight.
- The giant vulvar varicosity I have that causes so much pain when I've been on my feet for too long or Dh and I DTD.
- Throwing up numerous times a day, almost every day with the exception of a few sporadic breaks that only last a few days at a time, for the past 22 weeks.
.............. I think that's "it." LOL

- Feeling & watching baby move.
- All the questions my kids have regarding my belly & the baby.
- Knowing that Dh and I created another life together.
- Dreaming of what she is going to look like
- Looking forward to her birth and welcoming her into our family.
- And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the extra sympathy I get from Dh because he knows how miserable I feel this time around.

It's so strange.. I figured my 6th pregnancy, especially after losing 50lbs prior, would be a breeze. But, it is far from it. Yes, baby is healthy and I am healthy which I am incredibly thankful for.. and I know a lot of women have it far worse than I do.. I'm just having a rough time is all. :/
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