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Re: How do you kbow that you are done?

Originally Posted by Captivated View Post

Sometimes I feel like I'm done having children and other times I long for just "one more". I have a lot of days where I think this is good. The baby is a toddler now and we are doing good. And on those days I feel like adding one more would be too much chaos. On the other hand, I just really want one more baby.

How did you know you were done having children? Does the longing for one more ever stop?
Mama, I could have written your post! We have 3 (2 bio, one adopted special needs) and I go back and forth. I work full time, often 50+ hours a week as a music teacher. I'm gone A LOT. I want one more, but struggle with if adding one more is just adding chaos and spreading me thinner.

After DD2 was born, I was DONE. I gave away my maternity things, and sold my newborn-12 month clothes. Now I've changed my mind. Ugh!

I am enjoying reading this!
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