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Re: Anyone have success washing with just cold water?

I noticed my diapers starting to smell not quite clean (pockets with flour sack towel inserts.) They didn't stink really, just weren't smelling clean. I tried bleach, more detergent, more rinsing -- nothing was working. Then I discovered that my washer wasn't filling with hot water and probably hadn't been for a few weeks, about the same time the diapers started smelling. I stopped using them until we got the washer fixed. I filled my tub with hot water and let the "clean" diapers soak a bit and swished them around and that helped some. I finally took them to my MIL's to use her washer. A good long wash on hot fixed the smell. Based on that I won't try washing diapers on cold again, but every situation is different. You might have success with a detergent specifically made for cold water.
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