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Re: No-Shampoo...just started!

There are a lot of no-poo ladies on here, & there are just as many ways to be "no-poo". A lot of it depends on your hair type, texture, density, condition, etc. I'd recommend doing some searches, both in this area & OT about no-poo for some ideas on what might work for you. There's really no right or wrong about it. Ideally, you'll avoid sulfates and silicones for your hair, but beyond that, it's whatever works for you. You may use different methods of cleansing (bs/acv, bs/conditioner, co-washing, water-only, no-poo or low-poo cleansers, shampoo bars, etc.), different types of conditioners (protein-rich, humectant-rich, lightweight, etc.), & different products (leave-in, gel, mousse, hair milk, etc.) or lack thereof. Some still blowdry, others don't. Knowing more about your own hair characteristics will help guide your journey & if you are able to share that, it will help us give you better ideas.

And even if your hair is straight, I'd recommend looking a bit into resources for curly hair... is a great resource, so is The Curly Girl Handbook & Live Curly, Live Free. There are also blogs dedicated to the topic, as well as YouTube channels. It's an interesting, evolving process, I promise!
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