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Re: How do you kbow that you are done?

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
For me it was when the desire to have another one, and don't get me wrong it's still there, becomes overshadowed by the dread of another pregnancy. I got baby fever so bad with the last one I'd have moved heaven and earth to have another baby. This time I'm just not feeling it. Sure I miss the newborn cuddles, but the idea of having another painful, sick, exhausting stress filled pregnancy does not thrill me and those feelings are at least so far much stronger than any desire to have another baby. I'm also really looking forward to being done with all the baby gear and trappings and get on to the next stage of parenting. I'm not rushing my youngest, I'm loving her babyness and such, but the idea that I can sell or otherwise dispose of all the baby clutter I've been clinging to as she outgrows it is so freeing!
Desire being overshadowed by the dread of another pregnancy is a GREAT way to put it. I agree 100%. There are times when I get a little sad thinking of how I will never have that anticipation again of seeing the gender at birth or get to prepare a room or pick a name or buy little diapers but then I think of what another pregnancy would look like and I am snapped back to reality which is very happy to be done.
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