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Re: NIP completely exposed???

Originally Posted by Kätzchen View Post
Right, but breasts are not obscene. How anyone can think of exposed breasts as "disrespectful" while there is a baby present is beyond my comprehension. I feel as if there are security issues involved.
I agree to an extent. I don't think there are security issues though, I think some people are just uncomfortable (I don't like being around a shirtless man because I find it attractive on some and can't stop staring thus embarrassing them ), some people have religious and personal beliefs surrounding modesty. I feel like if I want to be respected for my NIP choices then I need to at least be considerate of others choices and beliefs. Just because you are ok with someone completely exposing them self doesn't mean that the majority are, and it is only going to make them look upon NIP negatively in the future. Maybe someday NIP will be the norm and people will be as comfortable as you are, but until that day arrives being that in your face about it just doesn't serve a purpose IMO.
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