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Re: Chat Thread ~ Dec 2nd-8th

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
There's a lot of different opinions. The problem with hearing aids is as the loss gets more severe, hair cell damage from sensorineural hearing loss already distorts sound to a degree, and then the more you amplify the more you distort a sound, so there becomes a point where they just aren't effective. To some extent it doesn't matter if they can fix it in 20 years if he can't really hear now, KWIM? But I would stick with hearing aids as long as he's getting real benefit from them, they rarely implant prior to severe to profound hearing loss. DD1 has bilateral implants due to Auditory Neuropathy because hearing aids were not effective for her, and it's been amazing to see the change. But it is true that she is not deaf without her implants, though she basically was prior to them anyway. It all just depends!

AFM: I am wearing my first ever pair of maternity leggings today. I want to wear them all the time. Why are there even other kinds of maternity pants??? These are soooo comfy...
Very interesting! I'd definitely need to look into it more. Hearing loss feels like a very hard thing, theres so many different sides and opinions, so thanks for sharing your experience It is funny that he was having so many problems at school for 'not listening' and now that his teachers getting training on how to communicate with him and he's getting a lot more support to wear his hearing aide there, he's doing so much better! I'd kind of like to tell the principal I know you so!

Maternity leggings sound amazing. My jeans still fit fine, I have to buy low rise because I have a flat butt and otherwise they go halfway up my back but they are definitely feeling more tight, especially when I sit down.

I also have this little itchy patch on my left ribs, its like a cluster of hives the size of my fist, and itchy!!! My midwife said just to put benedryl cream on it, but I've had it for like a week?

Tonight I go pick up my wedding dress!!! I feel like my belly is really popping out so I'm a tiny bit nervous about it fitting!
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