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Re: what I wish I had...

Originally Posted by ktgrok View Post
I'v realized I don't like chaos in my stash. I have too many different diapers and it irks me. Some fit a bit big, some are a bit tight, etc. What I want:

12 Sandy's
8 doublers
12 prefolds
6 of the prefitteds I have
3 AIO velcro for Grandma/Church
Wool....lots of wool

Actually...even that sounds like too much. I might like all Sandy's, except I worry that when the summer comes he will need stay dry like his sister did, to prevent heat rash.

What I have are a lot of the prefitteds that are really a bit bulky, 4 sandys (2 of which are rough/old/used), not sure how many prefolds (not enough), 1 osocozy, 2 made by a friend that are getting small on him, 2 given to me swaddlebees fitteds that I LOVE, but need doublers, a bunch of econobums and ME covers and starting to build up my wool.
This sounds lovely!! You could get the Sandy's and if he needs stay dry you can just add a fleece liner!

Originally Posted by jacandy View Post
Mine is all over the place right now and it's giving me anxiety!
Same here. I love having a ton of diapers but when I feel like I have too many it gives me anxiety too.
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