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Re: Chat Thread ~ Dec 2nd-8th

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Afm: I am a terrible baker. I dont even know why I try anymore. I wanted to make Joey's music teacher a pound cake for our last class. It said to bake for 50 min or until the tooth pic is clean. At an hour in a half the tooth pic was finally (mostly clean) but the edges were burn-y. Next time I think I will stop at a bakery. Sheesh!
I'm sorry... but

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
this is what happens when I try to cook.
I like cooking.
I like trying new recipes.

but I seriously suck at it.
I never really baked or cooked while growing up - none of the "baking cookies with mom" stuff in my house. But DH did all that stuff, so when we first met/married, it was him who did all the cooking! Now I do a lot of baking and cooking meals - the kids always get excited over my baking, so I guess it can't be half bad!

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
I'm still here! I have some major catching up to do! But I'll try to be more consistent!
No worries! Don't stress over not "keeping up", just jump in whenever you can!

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
It is funny that he was having so many problems at school for 'not listening' and now that his teachers getting training on how to communicate with him and he's getting a lot more support to wear his hearing aide there, he's doing so much better! I'd kind of like to tell the principal I know you so!

I also have this little itchy patch on my left ribs, its like a cluster of hives the size of my fist, and itchy!!! My midwife said just to put benedryl cream on it, but I've had it for like a week?

Tonight I go pick up my wedding dress!!! I feel like my belly is really popping out so I'm a tiny bit nervous about it fitting!
not listening and not hearing are 2 very different problems!

Sorry about the itchy spot... did your MW say anything about PUPPS? I really hope that's not what you've got though! Hopefully it's just stress induced stuff, with all the wedding planning and holiday stuff, and will settle down after things do.

with your dress!

AFM: We had a really nice visit last night with our pastor (well, one of them) and his wife. The kids were even really good! The only downside was that we chatted until after 9pm, so the kids got to bed late and were really tired out this morning. Not planning on doing anything tonight (they'll be even more tired after school this morning and swimming lessons this afternoon!).
We're supposed to get quite a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow, so not planning much for then either - DH is going to look for "Brave" online and maybe we'll have a "movie night" tomorrow afternoon. We've seen the movie in theatres, but I'm sure the kids will want to watch it again - I sure do!
I'm really hoping to get to town for church Sunday morning, then leave DH and Levi at DH's parents house so I can take the olders to pick out their xmas presents for DH I think I'm done his stocking, and I've got my gift for him in the mail, so just need to get the kids done with him and I'm done! Can't wait to start wrapping the presents - and can't wait to be DONE and not need to think of or look for anything more!!!
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