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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

It's my understanding that the op needs to be personally congratulated on not being someone of low moral quality or she is literally going to throw rocks at an establishment. I think that outlook is outrageous. I can understand throwing rocks if I was way overcharged for junk, if a product injured my child, or if shopping there was an agonizing long process & no one was willing to answer questions for me......but a public bashing over this

I guess this could be viewed as more of an 'European outlook', but a store doing all the work to give me a great product at a great price while quickly answering my questions deserves my thanks - not the other way around.

This bashing worked the opposite for me. I'm not going to jump on her 'I'll never shop at CB again" bandwagon. She clearly stated she had a problem & they quickly answered her questions so it could be fixed - I'll take that as a recommendation.

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