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I hate:

Having a hard time breathing already.
Heartburn. Oh, the heartburn!
When I practically leap out of my seat when baby kicks my cervix and/or bladder.
That I've had no real cravings to indulge. Food is kinda been meh this whole pregnancy (perhaps this is why I still haven't gained much--8lbs so there's a good thing!)
Having no patience whatsoever.
Getting so many colds this season.
Being a total grouch thanks to all the things I hate!

I love:

Baby kicks, especially when DH gets to feel them!
Knitting for a new baby!
Imagining what the future will bring.
Getting the cloth diapers out again.
Seeing how excited DD1 is about the new baby (and over DD2 adamantly stating that she "no want baby")
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Homeschooling mama to DD1 (9/08), DD2 (8/10), and DD3 (3/13)
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