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Re: A couple questions...

She is in a class of 8 babies and all their bottles go in a fridge in the morning. I've been putting hers in a ziploc bag, and using sharpie on the actual bottles. Per health code requirements everything has to be labeled with first name, last initial. I talked to DH and he was ok with me spending the money on Orbit labels. Usually I try to go the cheapest route possible, but I think they'd be worth it since she could use them throughout the years for much more than just bottles. Right now they have free shipping and I found a coupon code for 10% off.

I'm not worried about the pump being stolen as our office is locked at night and I work at my desk all day most everyday. I think I might leave it at work during the week and bring it home for the weekends. Theoretically, I shouldn't have to pump during the week (although I could have used a good pumping session this morning, silly girl only ate from one side). My goal is to lighten my load of everything I have to cart back and forth so I can get back to riding the bus. So much cheaper than driving!

I asked her teacher this am how the CDs were going for them and she was very positive about it. I think next week I will leave out the disposable wipes. DH just has to remember to grab the cloth ones when he does pick up so I can send her with a fresh supply the next day. I find the cloth wipes much more convenient because I can just throw it in the dirty diaper and into the wet bag, whereas a disposable has to be separated and put in the trash (and I don't have a trash bag near her diaper changing station so I oftentimes forget). Her little diaper corner is so cute next to all the other kids' disposables with all her diaper prints displayed. Granted they take up a lot more room, but they're cute.

Thanks for the advice! It is really good to be back at work but it's a whole new set of challenges being a working mom!
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