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Re: what are buying your sn kid for christmas

Originally Posted by monkeymama07 View Post
He can roll over, kick his legs,look around, etc..

My son was close in physical abilities at that age. His favorite toy was a roll of paper towels. He would unroll it and then some how get himself wrapped up in it. Not really great idea for gifting but you may want to give him a paper towel roll and see if he likes it. Does he like to make messes? Mine used to love to dump things out (actually still does). Fisher Price sells Babies First Blocks which are good for dumping but for that type of play you could use just about anything.

Now would be a good time to teach him how to use a switch. A pancake switch is nice and big and easy for a child to swat at and activate something. It is also good for teaching cause and effect as well as good switch training for eventual augmented communication. At that age my son loved these fans. Unfortunately they had a high rate of breakage so what I would do is buy multiple copies of a cheap unadapted version and just bought a battery interrupter when one breaks you just move the battery interrupter to the next one.

Forgot to answer the original question. My son is getting board books, sound books, a play tent and a rainmaker. I will probably get him more but that is all I have bought so far. His grandma bought him an early Christmas present. A portable heater so he can take longer baths in the winter without going into an autonomic crisis. He loves his baths so he is a happy camper again. Without the heater his body temp would drop 94 degree after only a few minutes in the tub.

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