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Re: No-Shampoo...just started!

Based on my experience with no-poo, low poo, homemade shampoos, etc, how your scalp will react is based largely on how often you were shampooing before going no-poo. My best advice to anyone who wants to start using water only on their hair is to initially start by stretching out the time between shampoos. Every three days for a while, then every five, etc. I was washing my hair every ten days or so before I started on WO, and I think that it made a big difference with the WO adjustment period, which can be rough. If you're like me, it'll take your hair about 3-4 weeks to normalize, during which time it's not going to look good. I eventually had to stop WO, but that was due to my yeast-caused seborrheic dermatitis, not the practice itself. Good luck! What you're doing is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, non-corporate, and healthy!!
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