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Originally Posted by tallanvor

For me, it was a feeling of contentment, that our family was complete, throughout my last pregnancy and when our youngest was born. Before her I had such an overwhelming desire to have another child. I hadn't had that before. She is now almost 6 and I am just as content now as I was then.
That is how I'm feeling and hope it sticks. I didn't think I would ever be content to stop growing our family, especially not at only 3 kids, but I am. And I've always been all about babies/toddlers and unsure of how much I would enjoy the older stages, by comparison. Now I'm looking forward to those older stages. I'm looking forward to being done with the pregnancy/newbie stuff, and I'm looking forward to studying and working again. There has been a total shift of my focus and desire. And knowing we are having the 3rd son I always wanted, it just feels complete. Me and my 4 men :-)
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