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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange

this is what happens when I try to cook.
I like cooking.
I like trying new recipes.

but I seriously suck at it.

I did have 1 new recipe that went really well this week. that's like 1:50 for me. Luckily, I have some old standbys that we fall back on a lot of the time in my menu planning, but anytime I try anything new............ I dont' know why I try.
I love fallbacks. Luckily dh and ds are ok without variety most of the time.

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt

Yea I try too, I'm sorry But hooray for good-ol standby's. My family LOVES spaghetti. We have it once a week, its easy, and the kids ask for seconds.

Oh no, she didn't, but mine are all like in one spot right next to each other, I'll try taking a picture. I hope thats not what it is.

Have a fun weekend! We are expecting snow too! I cant wait, this is my first Christmas on the farm, FIL I think is worried about me I hope you get the rest of your shopping done! I've barely done anything. I got DF a shirt off Etsy that says "This is what a super cool Dad looks like" cause he loves his Dad shirts And DS picked out a couple presents for DSD. Thats it. And we have a huge trampoline for the kids. I'm thinking of doing edibles for in their stockings since they don't need any more toys. And they love the Christmas nuts you crack open, and Lindt truffles(they always try to steal mine!) But I should really get on my Christmas shopping!
That's how my parents always did stockings. Unshelled nuts, fruit, some candy, special soaps or bath bubbles, fuzzy slipper socks. All things we needed and normally got but with a fancy twist. I was an adult before I realized some kids got toys in theirs! DS will have bath bubbles, nuts, and some books if they fit.
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