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Re: Chat Thread ~ Dec 2nd-8th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Very interesting! I'd definitely need to look into it more. Hearing loss feels like a very hard thing, theres so many different sides and opinions, so thanks for sharing your experience It is funny that he was having so many problems at school for 'not listening' and now that his teachers getting training on how to communicate with him and he's getting a lot more support to wear his hearing aide there, he's doing so much better! I'd kind of like to tell the principal I know you so!
So glad he's doing better!! Definitely a difference between not hearing and not listening! I agree, hearing loss is a very small population compared to other 'disabilities', and there are many many different opinions. I happen to have some background in it, as my undergrad work was in Speech and Hearing Science, which branches off into either Speech Language Pathology or Audiology, so I have a more intimate understanding of the how the ear works and amplification than many parents just because I took several classes on the subject. Definitely the most important thing is to wear it!! Even if he can hear some without it, imagine if you could only hear 2 of 3 words someone was saying, hug difference! Even 4 of 5 would make it hard to understand.
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