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Re: Chat Thread ~ Dec 2nd-8th

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
So glad he's doing better!! Definitely a difference between not hearing and not listening! I agree, hearing loss is a very small population compared to other 'disabilities', and there are many many different opinions. I happen to have some background in it, as my undergrad work was in Speech and Hearing Science, which branches off into either Speech Language Pathology or Audiology, so I have a more intimate understanding of the how the ear works and amplification than many parents just because I took several classes on the subject. Definitely the most important thing is to wear it!! Even if he can hear some without it, imagine if you could only hear 2 of 3 words someone was saying, hug difference! Even 4 of 5 would make it hard to understand.
Oh definitely! Well maybe you don't mind me pm-ing you if I have questions? I'm always looking for unbias resources Today his ENT said he wants to wait 2 months before we move forward with getting another hearing aid or doing anything for the other ear. Just to be sure everythings healed from his surgery.

Do you mean Shingles? I had that actually right before I was pg with DS! Its not that, thats different it has a sort of weird scab, this is just bumps And the more I research and think about it, ofcourse the worse it gets.

DF said its coming down at the farm place, I'm at work so hopefully the roads aren't bad getting home!
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