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Re: Billionth Shampoo Thread

Happy hausfrau is awesome. Seriously. It's all we use. From my thick, very long hair to newbie dd's fuzz and everyone in between (DH has long hair that tends to be greasy, older dd has baby fine curly hair that dreads up with the wrong products... We have a little of everything) it works so well. My newbie didn't get cradle cap (something most of my other babies got) and its all I have used on her since she was born. DH's hair used to look greasy and gross if he didn't wash it every day and it was also very prone to breakage. It's so pretty now. It doesn't break and is shiney and perfect. Mine tends to be greasy and occasionally dandruffy at the scalp and dry and brittle at the ends. I haven't had any scalp issues and no split ends since switching. And I know you didn't ask, but happy hausfrau soaps are great for the rest of you too. Skin issues here are a thing of the past thanks to Chrissy (the amazing Happy Hausfrau)!
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