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Re: Need rash help :(

Thanks for the ideas, ladies.

I have been rinsing my inserts and overnight dipes now and amazed at the amt of yellow that comes out! Hopefully that will help.

Can someone explain the wet pail idea to me? That is what my mom used to do. Do you add anything to it? I only wash every 4-5 days, though I am guessing that will change once the newborn comes.

Washing soda - is that borax or something else?

I'll get some lansinoh as soon as I can get out...I'll need that for nursing anyways.

I've stopped using soap on his tush in the am, just warm water rinses and patting dry. I never use baby wipes if there is a rash. Just warm water on a cloth wipe, and mild (it's the stuff I use to wash my hands 100x a day but not anibacterial) soap to rinse if he poos.

It looks better today, but still is faintly pink. I've been trying to change every hour or two, and he is just starting to tell me when he pees or poos so that helps.

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