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It's pretty easy to install. I only installed it rear facing once, just to see how it fit in my car. I needed a pool noodle and the rf'ing belt path was a tight fit but it wasn't too bad. Forward facing is super easy. It's bulk but not horribly so. It sits up on a base so it has the potential to puzzle well with other seats that sit lower. Haven't actually tried this out though. It takes up less room rf'ing than you'd think, back to front. The harness has a smooth adjuster.

Bad things: it's not going to fit a stockier kid. It's narrow through the shoulders, which is fine for my tiny boned DD, but not for average to above average kids. My son has a 19" torso so he would have just outgrown this seat and his shoulders were WAY too wide to fit. He's fairly slim too, although 7 years old. I wouldn't expect a kid to fit until their shoulders are over the top slot, width wise. It lacks leg room rf'ing. Just a short seat depth. So it doesn't have a lot of leg support ff'ing either. I had to make a footrest because my DD's legs were hurting on long trips. It only goes to 35 lbs rf'ing I think. Oh and the harness isn't terribly long. My DD is all of 34 lbs and only has a few inches of tail left on the adjuster when the harness is pulled tight.

If you know you are going to have a skinny kid...go for it. Otherwise there are better seats. I have pics if you are interested.
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