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Re: Dry Homebirth, Water Homebirth or Hospital Birth?

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
yes, exactly, and the no touching thing is why I want to be at home!!! In the hospital it's harder to control that.

There's a new movie called "birth story" with Ina May Gaskin and the Farm midwives, and there's footage of one of the midwives kissing her husband during labor (right before a shoulder dystocia...), and I just can't get into that idea. Kissing before labor...fine. During labor? No freaking way.
I dunno... I had a pretty fun time with my 3rd labor. Call me weird I guess. Me and DH were cutting up and laughing like giddy love-struck high-schoolers almost my whole labor. (He has horrible humor, but humor is his way of dealing with anything remotely stressful or emotional, so he can't help but be funny in the most awkward moments...) Pretty sure we kissed a few times.

....Until pushing phase hit. Good golly. I think I came this/close to cussing at him when he turned on the sink during a contraction. And I'm not foul mouthed at all. Ever. I was totally unglued. I could see in my midwife's face that she thought I'd lost all my marbles. Between contractions, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Contraction hits, I'm yelling, about to hit anyone who comes near me. I remember DH and I were laughing between a contraction and immediately I yelled "SHUT UP! JUST FRIGGIN' SHUT UP!" b/c a contraction was coming on.

I felt like quite the psychotic maniac. Poor midwife. She was awesome, but I could tell she was wondering if I needed meds.

Anyway sorry for the nostalgia. Birth is crazy sometimes.
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