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Re: Worried after first appt

With both of my girls I went to my 8 week appointments (or what we all thought was 8 was 8 weeks after my last period) and they measured at 6 weeks with the ultrasound. (they aren't twins, this happened with both of my pregnancies!) I thought I knew when I ovulated and conceived, so either I was TOTALLY wrong or my beans just grow slow in the beginning What is funny is they changed my due date based on the ultrasound, so my new due date was 2 weeks later than we had thought it was. Well, it turns out they each came 2 weeks "early" being born on the first due date I had based on my lmp. Also, with the new due dates, I actually got my blaring bfps on 7 or 8 dpo. It just doesn't make sense. So, I am pretty sure they just grow slow in the beginning
Fingers crossed for you mama! Maybe your bean just grows slow in the beginning like my girls did!
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