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Re: Contractions in the evening at 18wks?

Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV View Post
Actually now that you mention it, I grew up in Belgium and I do remember some pregnant women (friends of my parents) drinking wine occasionally. I guess I just didn't realize that some midwives, and just women in general, recommended it. Everyone I know personally has been too afraid to drink it, or atleast that's what they say. Interesting though! Oh and I hope no one thinks I'm judging them, because I'm totally not, I just was surprised that more women drink it in pregnancy than I thought.
No worries, you didn't sound judgy to me Just wanted to explain what I had learned and experienced myself since the first time my midwife suggested it during my first pregnancy I was surprised she recommended it as well. Now I have educated myself on it more and am comfortable with my personal choice regarding it but each mama has to come to her own decision about it and what she's comfortable with. It does work for the contractions though, at least for me
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