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Re: Need rash help :(

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
Some random thoughts....

Vinegar in hard water can sometimes make ammonia issues worse.

I've been amazed by washing soda... Try adding a tablespoon of that instead of the oxi.

You're putting a lot into the diapers that might not all be rinsing out.

Good luck!
Hi I am new here and just jumping into threads!
If you want to use Vinegar I would recommend moving away from white and using apple cider vinegar as white can cause more problems with hard water.
Also, washing soda is great! I get Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda in a box similar to the Borax box. I use it for EVERYTHING it seems around the house!
I agree I would be sure you are rinsing the dipes really well. Especially the really absorbent pieces those do their job really well and can hang on to detergent, etc. I am no expert but I feel like I have been around the block with washing issues! (We have bad bad bad water)
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