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Re: Contractions in the evening at 18wks?

Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV View Post
but you ladies drink wine to calm contractions? I have always understood that you stay totally away from any alcohol until perhaps labor (to help you relax).
Originally Posted by jackobeano View Post
In Europe many women do drink some wine during pregnancy (cultural thing) and studies show they have less cases of fetal alcohol syndrome. The problem is it's not known how much is too much for each individual (so they can't say 2 glasses a week or the such as a rule) so they don't want to okay it's use during pregnancy here in the states.
It's easier for them to make a blanket recommendation than say it's okay for a drink or 2 and then have something happen with a baby and them/the recommendation be blamed for it.
I think part of that also stems from the way drinking is done over here - in Europe it's more the norm to have a drink with a meal or whatnot, casually. In the states and up here, it seems like it's more common to "go out drinking" - binge drinking - and get drunk. Which wouldn't be good for baby at any point in pregnancy.

Personally, I have stayed away from alcohol with all of my pregnancies. I just don't want to have that risk, kwim? Even if the risk would only be there with excessive drinking.
If I was going to have a drink, I wouldn't drink from 8 weeks (when the placenta starts functioning) through to the third trimester - unless I was having preterm contractions (real ones that were doing something, I mean, not my normal BH ones). But I would have no problem having a drink in the last month of pregnancy especially.
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