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Re: I hate...I love...

I love...

Getting kicked...and letting my other kids feel it, too.
Not having to wear a heavy coat outside because of my internal heater.
Feeling justified in taking care of my needs (I NEED to nap, I NEED a massage, I NEED to go buy XYZ food RIGHT NOW!) hahaha
Being elusive when asked my due date.
Giving off-the-wall names when asked what we're naming our baby.
Answering with my emotional state whenever people ask, "How are you Feeeeeling?" (Hate that question, but love giving a snotty-guised-as-oblivious answer )
How productive I am! I don't know if this is early nesting or what, but all my unfinished quilts are getting finished!
Swagbucks is FUN!
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