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Re: Chat Thread ~ Dec 2nd-8th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Oh definitely! Well maybe you don't mind me pm-ing you if I have questions? I'm always looking for unbias resources Today his ENT said he wants to wait 2 months before we move forward with getting another hearing aid or doing anything for the other ear. Just to be sure everythings healed from his surgery.

Do you mean Shingles? I had that actually right before I was pg with DS! Its not that, thats different it has a sort of weird scab, this is just bumps And the more I research and think about it, ofcourse the worse it gets.

DF said its coming down at the farm place, I'm at work so hopefully the roads aren't bad getting home!
Feel free to PM if you want to chat, for sure!

Could it be just a contact dermatitis? I got that with DD1. It seemed like rash, but was just annoying bumpy skin irritation from who knows what....
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